Lest there be any doubt

I signalled my intention to, at least, have a No-Friends Facebook account some time ago. In the event, I deactivated it completely.

Believe me, F/B was great in the first few years of my joining, but it had become a burden. Off it goes.

I posted a few times to this effect and I’m sorry if you missed it. I also posted on my timeline that unfriending ALL my friends was nothing personal, simply part of my F/B withdrawal. Many of us have other ways of keeping in touch, if we choose to use them. I also gave an alternative (web~based) contact: www.nicholasnuttallgreen.com

I am Nicholas Green and I AM curious.


Yesterday I stripped my bedding and washed it. It was good drying weather out on the clothes line. First outing for my new quilt cover, sheet and pillow cases – nice. Yeah, and I had shaved and showered too.

Also responded to one of those through-the-letterbox charity bags. Shoes (x3 or 4), trousers, tops. Good to clear out.

Been clearing out quite a lot lately and acquiring stuff. A few weeks ago I bought a pair of Doc Ms from their shop near Monument. Not cheap, but I love ’em. Cherry is good.

Today, I took delivery of a Samsung combination microwave oven. It works and is great. It replaces a bog-basic microwave and a (crap since the day I bought it) worktop oven & hobs which are being collected by the council on Friday (1st June). More space in the kitchen too – can’t be bad.

And, today, I cleaned my fridge, having bought a canister of sodium bicarb (best for cleaning fridges) from my local shop.

Lots and lots of things to do to get things straight. But, as a final remark, I am pleased to have left F/B. I now look elsewhere for things to do, things to be interested in… just things/people/places…….