Palestine, yes, Palestine

On the day the USA opened its embassy in Jerusalem and just before the Nakba anniversary, more than 50 Palestinians killed and thousands injured. Netanyahu and Trump gloat, the latter proclaiming his commitment to peace – the pussy-grabbing hypocritical shitbag.

Jews were settling Palestine years before WWII. They had known pogroms for centuries. Who can doubt that anti-semitism is a cancer in our world body? And then came The Holocaust, an obscenity, a global shame, still the most prominent of C20th genocides.

But what then? In the grace of the Balfour Declaration, the Jewish residents of Palestine established a Zionist state, based on the forcible expulsion of Palestinians.

  • To oppose Zionism is not to be anti-semitic.
  • To be a jew, or a citizen of Israel, does not convey the right to mirror either South African apartheid or Nazism.
  • Israel has lost whatever moral authority it might once have had.

Deir Yassin is one emblem of the Nakba. Karameh is another.

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